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Stephen Ballard

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A CALMER SHORE - Stephen Ballard has been released November 12, 2017.   A collection of songs that have been released with much care and love by the artist.  Featuring “The Present Situation”.  Enjoy this, by Stephen Ballard.

The album SING A SONG - Stephen Ballard is available for download and purchase.  Released in October 4, 2014, there are ten selections of original songs by Stephen Ballard.  Featuring “Nice Things For You”.

Released Feb 1, 2013 the album Music - Stephen Ballard is now available.  A collection of original songs titled Music, features “Take Me To Epernay”.

Stephen Ballard’s debut album

I Heard A Melody - Stephen Ballard was released in August 6, 2011.  This group of original songs features  “I Heard A Melody”.


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